Closest Snow to Melbourne

The closest place to see snow from the Melbourne CBD is not far away and can be easily visited on a day trip.

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During the winter season, the closest place to find snow to Melbourne is usually on the summit of Mt Donna Buang, located just 70 km east of the city. Snow updates can be found on Snow Tours Melbourne.

Mt Donna offers free access to the mountain, making it an ideal spot for families to enjoy a budget-friendly snow experience. It is particularly popular for those trying snow activities for the first time.

Warburton is a village located at the base of Mt Donna Buang, known for its various cafes and restaurants offering delicious meals and snacks.

Food trucks are available on the mountain during weekends, offering hot chips, hot chocolates, and other popular snow treats.

The trip up Mt. Donna Buang is around 17 km long. Chains are usually not required, but access may be delayed on busy days. Depending on conditions, there may be restrictions and snow clearing each morning. Parks Victoria and VicRoads are good sources of information for the day. Patience will ensure a pleasant experience for all.

Daily snow updates are available on the Visit Warburton – The Waterwheel Facebook page, the official site for Warburton Valley. Be sure to follow the page for updates.

Snowfalls in the area can vary in amount and timing, so checking weather conditions before starting your journey is recommended. Visitors can also stop by the Visitor Information Centre - The Waterwheel on the main street of Warburton to speak with volunteers and obtain maps.

The snow-capped mountain offers a toboggan slope and climbing tower with scenic views. Visitors can hire toboggans in the township of Warburton and on the summit. The open spaces are perfect for snow play and building snowmen for families and children to enjoy.

There are walking tracks for those seeking adventure, but remember to prioritize safety by informing others of your plans. Cycling enthusiasts should consider contacting Doug at Cog Bike Shop for snow cycling experiences.

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Visitors to Warburton should dress warmly and bring a change of clothes after coming down from the mountain. The main street offers a pleasant stroll and additional activities to enjoy. The Rainforest Gallery, located halfway up the mountain, provides a unique elevated walk through the treetops where you can spot a lyrebird.

Warburton, located just an hour away from Melbourne, offers the opportunity for a winter getaway. Visitors can stay overnight in a B&B, slow down, and enjoy nature peacefully. Warburton is a great place to create lasting memories.

Follow the Visit Warburton - The Waterwheel Facebook page for snow updates and important local information.