Otway Fly Treetop Adventure

The Otway treetop walk is a popular activity on the Great Ocean Road Tour. It offers a bird's eye view of the forest and is suitable for the whole family.

Great Ocean Road

Experience walking through the treetops

The Cape Otway treetop walk measures about 2km long and takes approximately one hour to complete. Visitors can walk along a 25-meter-high elevated walkway for half a kilometre, taking in the stunning rainforest views. It is considered the tallest and most prolonged walkway globally, with highlights including a 45-meter-tall spiral tower and cantilever.

Zip Line Tour

The Zip Lining adventure typically lasts around 3.5 hours, allowing participants to soar through the forest at a height of approximately 35 meters. It offers an exciting experience that will increase heart rate and adrenaline levels.

You can experience an exciting Zip Line tour with professional guides and safety training. The tour includes flying on cable spans attached to nine "cloud stations" and two swing bridges. It is considered a thrilling adventure unlike any other in the world, perfect for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

Participants will be able to study tree and forest ecology and gain a newfound appreciation for them while learning about our forests healthy and thriving state.

The Otway Tree Top Walk, located less than 3 hours away from Melbourne, offers transportation within the area. A shuttle bus service runs between the Visitor Centre and the tree walk every hour and is accessible for those with mobility impairments.

Experience Details

Fitness and experience


  • Participants must have a reasonable degree of physical ability for the zipline tour, with no previous experience necessary.
  • It is advisable to be comfortable with heights.
  • Participants should be prepared for moderate physical activity and heights for approximately 3-hour duration.
  • A maximum weight limit of 117kg, including clothing, is enforced.
  • Minimum height of 125cm
  • If you have mobility restrictions or medical concerns, please get in touch with us before the tour to discuss your needs. We are here to help.
  • Children must be at least five years old and toilet trained, with a minimum height of 125cm.
  • Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult who has paid for their admission.
  • Children aged 13-18 can zipline without adult supervision, but their waiver must be signed by a parent/guardian over 18 who must attend the safety briefing and stay on-site during the tour. The guides will make the decision.
  • Individuals aged 13-18 are not permitted to serve as guardians for individuals under 13 while on tour.


What to bring


  • Sturdy and comfortable athletic or hiking shoes.
  • In winter, it is important to dress warmly and wear outerwear that protects you from wet weather.
  • Visitors cannot bring or wear loose objects, jewellery, watches, hats, and other items on tour, including cameras, bags, video recorders, mobile phones, or iPods.
  • It is important to remember that the tree canopy may be calm even in the summer months as you move between trees, so make sure you are adequately prepared.

Great Ocean Road Tour

What is supplied


  • Professional guides and instructors
  • All required safety equipment
  • Participants can enjoy a 2.5-hour ziplining experience, with eight flights between 9 different 'cloud stations'.
  • There are two swing bridges located high above the rainforest floor.
  • Photographs are available for purchase on the day.
  • The ticket also grants access to the world-famous Otway Fly Treetop Walk.
  • There is an on-site cafe where visitors can purchase food and drinks on select days.


More Information

Making a booking before visiting this attraction or experience is recommended to avoid any inconvenience.

Tours are available on specific days throughout the year starting at 10:00 AM. Additional tours are offered during peak holiday periods and Christmas/Summer breaks. The adventure typically lasts around 3-4 hours.